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bye bye 2012

Posted by
solfrunt (Missoula, United States) on 2 January 2013 in Landscape & Rural and Portfolio.

Holy shit reality is interesting and worthy of contemplation...and my brain is hardly worthy of coming up with answers to ancient questions and solutions to seemingly never ending problems that we as homo sapiens face. It's not worthy because it ultimately slithers into the concept that whatever I type is insignificant...because all these little symbols I create with my fingers and this machine are merely words that were created by me, by past me's. What are those me's? Who were those me's and what ever gave them the universal right to decide what is what? What is a universe? Oh, just research and consult past scientists' documents...because they're humans and they found out things that the majority of other humans consider as truth. What is truth? Does the Earth feel and understand the words that I'm typing right now? Does the universe give a shit?! Why did I feel compelled to capitalize the "word" earth?!

My goodness, it's a clusterfuck, really. I think I may have finally understood why people of religious belief feel so calm. It's because they've accepted that there is a creator and all these questions and concerns can be answered by one, all powerful being.
That's simple...gratifying...easy.

Their belief relieves an enormous amount of pressure. I don't often dive into such a whirlwind of thought but when it happens...chaos ensues, because there is no answer to anything. What if I just gave in? Perhaps I told myself that God created all that we know to be everything, the whole deal is just a game where-in all you have to do is be kind, not kill or screw your neighbor's wife and worship a fellow man who came down (down from where, did he visit other where's, who is...dammit, you're doing it again, don't ask, just believe) to this floating rock to tell everyone what's up? Well, I'd probably be at peace and not ramble on like I have this evening. Why can't I just relent and join millions of others who have succumbed to this belief? I'm not quite sure...

...but what I do know (or what God has instilled in me, or what I've come to understand from past human analysis of the universe...dammit) is that human beings came up with a way to describe the awesomeness that we are privileged to call our surroundings. Beauty. The word beauty is a powerful one, and it is with great glee that I am understanding of its definition...according to humans. I am happy that I can recognize it on a daily basis, I can make a picture of it, I can feel it (without words) and I can relate it to others (with words). In my humble, homo sapien induced opinion, it is the most important aspect of our existence...because it is relative to all human beings. So, I'm happy that we've put a name to this essential, and that every person on this rock has the opportunity to experience it, to feel its loveliness. (opportunity, experience, loveliness, rock..what are those things? Ah hell, give it up and just succumb.)

Oh, the title of this picture...
Regarding the concept of time...it's made up by homo sapiens and they are not the controllers of the universe (what is the universe?) so what they have to say on the matter is insignificant...because it doesn't exist but only in their minds. It is a figment of their imagination and they should be ashamed of its power over them. Days, hours, years, what are those things, those concepts? They're words made up by human beings because they all believe there is an end to everything. Is their existence really as complicated as what they've conjured? Hardly.

I think this Morphine creation is relative to my thoughts. The lyrics are good (what are lyrics and how do they relate to existence and the universe...ah, fuck, forget it) Cure for Pain

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