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foolish virgin

Posted by
solfrunt (Missoula, United States) on 5 January 2013 in Lifestyle & Culture and Portfolio.

A few thoughts while I was sitting on the pot playing Angry Birds;

If I die today or tomorrow or next week with very few coins in my cookie jar, no IRA or 401K (or any knowledge about how that shit even works), and a small enough abode full of smalll enough possessions that a friend or family member could easily sell or keep...I think that means I win. That means I enjoyed my time here by spending what I earned and doing what I wanted to do, rather than abiding by the fear that one day I may not be able to make my body work enough to put food on my table. A legitimate fear, yes, but living in fear is not enjoyable. So, I spend my money. Don't tell the debt collectors.

It's interesting how we humans adapt to our surroundings. I lived in a loft in an old grain elevator for the last two years. I made it my own, I made it perfect for me and I loved it (except for the damn pigeons). I just signed a one year lease on a mobile home trailer in a rather skanky part of Anchorage. Along with that lease comes all the stigma of living in one of these rectangular boxes. It's definitely not fancy and when I have to leave town for work you can bet your ass I'll have it locked in and alarmed up like Fort Knox (no one is stealing my turntables). It's quite empty right now but I'm excited to make it my own, to adapt into it. I'll make it mine until it is no longer mine, until it is time to move on, which will eventually come...

...because nothing is permanent, everything dies, everything changes. If you play out your existence on this floating rock by living under the suppression of how society tells you to live, I don't think you're winning. Of course, it's all relative. A father and mother should look into the future to provide for their children, but a single guy like me, well, I'm going to drink a beer with my lunch, ride my snowboard tonight and start planning another trip to Africa.

In thirty years when I'm destitute with no pot to piss in or a phone to play Angry Birds with, I'll remember this post and cuss myself out. I'm not certain anyone knows what this is all about, we're all just foolish virgins.

Here's the song of the hour, Reflections of a Poem - Karuan.

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